Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update on Broken Body

So I know a bunch of you have been asking for health updates so here goes.
I have been sent to a new spine clinic, it's set up as kind of a spinal chord injury rehab but they have some fancy smanzy torture devices. With the 2 hour examination they give you before they do anything they found some more problems. Most people when you stand up your legs stop when they are straight, mine keep going. On top of that when i bend my legs they fold inward so the ligaments don't support the joints which are already eroding and now the muscles are trying to do the work of all 3... this has caused insane weakness in my legs which is causing me to fall often and I almost need to lift my legs with my arms - I see the strength weakening on a weekly basis. Because of them being so flexible in ways they shouldn't be I have to get fitted for some leg braces. I went in today but they decided normal ones just wouldn't work so I have to go to a prosthetic place and get some custom ones as these will be for long term use. Oh an my legs aren't aligned either, they be wonky as hell.

These braces don't mean I am wheelchair free, they simply will provide me with a bit of extra support while I am walking around the house and hopefully prevent me falling.

Ok so that's the legs, now the top part of the body. Spine is eroding around the lower Facets, nothing can really be done about this, but around that I also have scoliosis so my spines pretty bent and curved in a way that's affected my entire posture - and straightening into what it should be is a painful process. Right now long-term this seems to be my life. These guys are great and hope that I can at least increase my muscle tone but have made it very clear that the problems I have can't be fixed beyond that so the braces / cane / wheelchair are long-term plans and look to be permanent.

Right now pain is a daily issue but I keep myself busy and distracted. The biggest thing is the muscle spasms, they come out of nowhere and can be so incredibly painful it is hard to keep a straight face in meetings. The hope is that with this special work out equipment they have I can strengthen my muscles to reduce the spasms.... which would be amazing because for the last 8 months I have been in a constant state of exhaustion and I know because of it I have neglected many of you. So thanks for being patient guys and enjoy my badly written essay.

So if you are out of date the list so far:

Osteomylacia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Facet Erosion, Ligaments too long, Scoliosis

On a good note because of my insanity I have decided in a few weeks to come back to YouTube on my own personal channel, coming out of the 'cripple closet' so to speak and maybe share my journey into the world of limited mobility.

FYI: No pity please, I can still kick all your asses. #fightmeatpax

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  1. Hey Kitty,

    So awesome to see how strong you are. Pain can be one of the worst things to go through, especially when you don't want others to see you that way. Muscle spasms can be horrific. You can be sitting there talking with someone when suddenly you look like someone with turrets syndrome. As you know I can relate in so many ways. It is good you have people around you to help in the ways you need there help. Whether a friend with an open ear, or a patient escort to help you around, these people can be immensely important. Distraction is another thing we in pain can find the utmost comfort in at times. Those distractions keep us sane (or at least partially sane lol).

    With all that said I will leave you with a phrase you once shared with me when I was not feeling well: "Toughen up, quit whining, and get back to work. You have enough people pitying you and I will not be one of them"

    Hope you start to feel better,

    Chris (aka Squall)